How do I know who to trust when getting an expensive item like a kitchen built?

Always look for a Master Joiner as it gives you the confidence to know the joiner has had to meet strict criteria. It also gives you the peace of mind knowing you have had an external body to look into the skills and trade practices of your joiner.  Finesse Joinery is Master Joiner certified.  Also becuase your kitchen is manufactured in Christchurch you can view it being constructed.

How will I know how my kitchen is  progressing while being built?

Our designers will regularly update you on how your kitchen is progressing and because we are based in Christchurch you are able to pop in and view where your kitchen as it progresses.

Do you custom build or are your kitchens kit set?

All our joinery is custom built, this means that we are able to provide a kitchen that suits your needs.  If you have extra large pots that you want in a drawer we are able to provide that.  You just need to let the designer know what you want.

The kitchen you want